Cook's Collies
Raising Beautiful Collies since 1997

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About us

We are Steve and Aimee Cook and along with our children, Matthew, Aaron and Angela, farm and ranch in beautiful southern Kansas. We raise Gelbvieh cattle and collies on our Prairie Gem Ranch. We have lived here on our farm since 1992.

Steve was blessed to grow up with a white collie named "Spot" for the first twelve years of his life and developed a life long love of the breed. We purchased our first collie, "Myst" in 1997 and have been raising collies ever since.

We all work together on our farm taking care of the animals and enjoying the beautiful scenery around us...God has truly blessed our family!


Braxton is doing great. He has been fully potty trained since the first two weeks we had him. He's already in obedience training and doing great. He knows several commands. His favorite is sit and shake hands. And believe me, that's not just an ordinary "hand"'s a massive paw. He's growing right before our eyes..."

- L. Barr, Alabama